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Book of Revelations Prophecy of the Beast

1 Rhocoin and the Beast

We need blockchain crypto currency supporting pseudonymous reputations and end to end encrypted communications where an encrypted communication can carry money, rfps, bills, invoices, and offers.

We also need one whose consensus protocol is more resistant to government leverage. Ethereum is alarmingly vulnerable to pressure from our enemies.

The trouble with all existing blockchain based currencies is that the metadata relating to the transaction is transmitted by some other, ad hoc, mechanism, usually highly insecure, and this metadata necessarily links transaction outputs to identities, albeit in Monero it only links a single transaction output, rather than a network of transactions.

Thus we need a pseudonymous, not an anonymous, crypto currency.

The intent of this technology is to liberate the reputational information that makes transactions possible, currently largely siloed by Ebay and Amazon, to secure it not by a record in centralized databases, but by secret keys held by unknown individuals who cannot be grabbed by cops or beaten up by antifa.

These reputations will make it possible for an anonymous use-once identity to perform an instant on the spot transaction secured by the reputation of a large and long established peer on the blockchain with a pseudonymous reputation, the transaction being with an identity secured by a secret held by an anonymous individual, also secured by the reputation and secret held by someone who controls a large and long established peer with a pseudonymous reputation, whose physical servers are located in a data center in a nation state distant from the nation state and local authorities where the actual transaction takes place.

The problem that we face is awfully close to, and very similar to, the profoundly oppressive technology of the Prophecy of the Beast. Networked money is a dual use technology, that can be used by individuals to free themselves from centralized control, and can be used and is being used by powerful centers to enforce centralized control.

The free and pseudonymous end to end encrypted messaging is intended to undermine the officially unofficial state religion of progressivism, making the worship of Gnon possible and safe, but could easily be repurposed to the heavily censored messaging scrutinized by global databases belonging to the beast that today we see with Twitter, Facebook, and Gmail, which enforce the officially unofficial State Religion of the Beast.

For example, this technology can be used to publish data obtained by the Scientific Method, secured by reputations for faithfully adhering to the scientific method, but Google Docs censors such information and downranks such reputations in search results in favour of data concocted by Peer Review, which are priestly truths established by the priestly method of Holy Synods, of the demonic priesthood of the Beast. The scientific method is scientists saying they did things, and as a result saw things, while peer review is the official consensus about what what other people should have seen, regardless of what they actually saw. Consensus is the priestly method to truth, observation the scientific method. The priesthood of demons demand sacrifices, lest the wrath of their demons fall upon us, and the bigger the sacrifices, the more profit and power they get. Censorship of scientific data, has, like other forms of censorship, rendered people cynical. We need a mechanism for pseudonymous reputation that is resistant to hostile manipulation.

1.1 The Prophecy of the Beast

Book of Revelation 13:16 The Beast with seven heads establishes a false, state enforced religion, which converges all other religions to it and:

16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

What the Dark Enlightenment calls the Cathedral is The Beast with Seven heads, no single will but a consortium of several conspiracies, rather too many conspiracies, each contending for power and status, each composed of several individuals, rather too many individuals, each also contending for power and status. The Cathedral is not a single individual, and lacks a single will, but it is not a very large number of individuals either.

Everyone today is tracked by their cellphone, which is necessarily continually triangulated by several cell phone towers, and necessarily reports its distance to anything pretending to be a cellphone tower, and everyone’s face is recorded in numerous facial recognition databases.

If these databases get integrated with your social security number or tax file number, which increasingly they are, that is the number of the beast.

So, everyone does have that number, but the prophecy of the beast is not yet fullfilled unless everyone, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, needs that database integration to buy and sell.

The prophecy, in today’s context, means you would not be able to buy and sell except your face and phone links the transaction to your social security number, and this system would be applied throughout the American Empire with a global database of tax file numbers.

To buy and sell, your phone would need to contain a local copy of a recent extract from the Beast’s global database, digitally signed by a recent digital signature from the Beast, which extract contains a recent photograph of your face, or recent face recognition parameters, or you would need a card with a chip on it, containing a recent extract with recent face recognition parameters.

Deliveries would only be delivered to a name and address registered to a social security number or tax file number in the Beast’s database, and paid for from an account registered to that that social security number or tax file number. In person transactions over the counter transactions would require your face matching the Beast’s database, a face that can be beaten in by antifa.

If you can use cash, gold, silver, tobacco, anonymous crypto currency, or small calibre long rifle ammunition to buy and sell, then the prophecy of the beast has not yet come to pass.

Crypto currency has the great advantage that you can use it to perform transactions over distance and time, secured by the blockchain, and rhocoin will enable allow instant in person on-the-spot over-the-counter transactions, designed intended to be a complete replacement for fiat money. (Though over the counter instant transactions require money that remains soft for several minutes, but this is a big improvement over credit cards, which remain soft for a few months, cheques that remain soft for days, and wire transfers that remain soft for hours.)

It is increasingly the case that low, poor, and bond, face considerable risks in using cash. For example black people, mainly black people who do not have jobs or families, are using bottles of laundry powder as cash, because a low person with a lot of cash is apt to have his cash seized by police. The advantage of using laundry powder as money is that its inconvenient bulk makes the police reluctant to seize it.

Crypto currency passphrases are also inconvenient to seize, since they need to beat up the holder of the secret, and he likely has more than one such secret, but low, poor, and bond find them a bit difficult to use. It is has to come to pass that low poor and bond are using laundry powder to do transactions without the number of the beast, and high, rich, and free are using crypto secrets.

It is very difficult to exchange fiat money for crypto cash, except you record your face and data integrated with the database of the beast with the exchange.

Every major crypto exchange is integrated with the beasts databases, linked to your social security number or tax file number, and with a recent photograph that will be used for facial recognition, to the number on your hand and on your forhead.

The capability of rhocoin for instant in person transactions is intended to make exchanges of fiat cash for rhocoin difficult to centralize, and the capability of rhocoin for communication secured by pseudonymous reputations is intended to make it possible for the scientific method to be practiced, as the true worship of Gnon requires.

The capability for public communications securely connected to a pseudonymous reputation is primarily intended to free the reputational data currently siloed by Amazon and Ebay, used to exchange value over time and distance, but also intended to be used for other reputational purposes, to liberate scientific reputations from academic silos.

When high, rich, and free gets his gold and cash seized, and the secret key to his crypto extracted by rubber hose cryptography, when integration of crypto currency to the databases of the Beast is complete, or dangerous to avoid, when the blockchain records your every transaction forever and connects them to a face that can be beaten in, and places where that face is likely to be found, then the prophecy of the beast has come to pass.

I don’t think the prophecy of the beast will come to pass, but only because Christians have a commission from God to make sure it does not happen this time around.

The economic and financial system of the prophecy requires a one world order, and there are and will be conflicts over who is going to be the one. Tensions over the dangerously powerful global financial system are a large part of the current proxy war between the Global American Empire and Russia, and the looming wars with China and Iran. If the prophecy comes to pass, the nukes are going to fly. Which will probably not be the end times either, but will have more than a passing resemblance.

As a blockchain scales up to full commercial scale, running a full peer becomes costly and burdensome, so with bitcoin we have alarmingly few miners, and power over the blockchain is concentrated in very few miners.

The rhocoin design aims to ensure that when power gets concentrated, as with scaling it inevitably will, it gets concentrated into peers controlled by whales whose underlying identity secrets can easily vanish off to another jurisdiction, and whose power depends on having lots of wealthy clients, many of whom are unlikely to want full scrutiny of all their transactions, lest envious people find some excuse for beating in their faces. Proof of share means that the system operates effectively like corporate board, and since “votes” are proportional to crypto currency of clients, a “board” that we may hope that, when scaling inevitably produces centralization, is in effect composed of a large number of rich and powerful people who prefer banking in secrecy and do not trust each other all that much.

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