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To copy this website and the associated blog, download this file into the target directory of the target website and

tar -xvf backup.tar .

The blog will be in the blog subdirectory.

In the blog subdirectory you will find an sql file which is a zipped up *.sql file in the format that phpMyAdmin likes, that will create the database tables for the blog.

The database should have been purged of IP addresses.

Except that users and blog address in the database will not have you as admin, nor the correct domain.

And your config.php file probably has the database table and the wrong table prefix. Edit the table-prefix in config.php to wp_

So expand the zip file, edit the sql files and zip it up again

Edit the admin_email and new_admin_email record in the wp_options table to your email.

Edit the siteurl to the new domain name.

Edit wp_users table so that it has a user with an email that you can receive, so that when you click on "I forgot my password’, you can login as blog admin.

And/or you can copy some entries from the users and usermetadata tables from another blog to the database of the copy of the blog, so that you can login with a password you already possess. Once you manage to login, go to Settings/General and reset the values there.

To change the password from sql, which UI is likely broken if password is broken, edit the wp_users table of the database.

UPDATE `wp_users` SET `user_pass` = MD5('NEWPASSWORD') WHERE `wp_users`.`user_login`  "NEWUSERNAME";